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You are regularly asked to manage projects or just to participate, build schedules or Gantt charts, conduct meetings and report the minutes, establish action plans, track corrective actions, etc. MyGME offers its GMEproject software, simple, user-friendly and designed for you!

With GMEproject, you have versatile software adapted to both large structures (several hundred users) to very small organizations (1 or 2 people). The individual, student, researcher, ... will also find a product perfectly suited to his requirements. Three major objectives are met in a single module: project management, conducting meetings and monitoring of corrective actions. They may be used alone or in combination.

Meeting management and project management, example:

A major project is monitored by a team at work meetings.
During the first meeting, the global setting, date, places, participants, guests, agenda, head of minutes, mailing list,... is done.

The meeting is held, the various topics are discussed and the minutes are reported in real time by the manager. When an action is decided, it is recorded in the minutes, by taking care of telling "by whom" and "for when". With each new decisive action, it is planned that way. At the end of meetings, all the actions are included in an action plan, bound to the minutes of the meeting.

Toutes les tâches ou actions décidées lors de ces réunions sont alors automatiquement transférées dans le plan global du projet.  A chaque nouvelle réunion, il est très aisé de vérifier les actions décidées précédemment.

All tasks or actions decided at these meetings are then automatically transferred into the overall project plan. With each meeting, it is very easy to verify the actions decided earlier. The action plan is also graphically shown through a Gantt chart with very practical and intuitive features. The diverse tasks are assigned to people in charge of executing them and reporting progress. If a person is involved in multiple projects, he can trace all his tasks in a single screen. In addition, if the times (hours) of the various resources are indicated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly occupancy schedule can be generated automatically.

The Gantt chart can also be used alone; in this case it replaces the Excel sheet, often impractical when it comes to making changes such as moving jobs or changing times.

Management of corrective actions:

Quality departments are often confronted with the problem of follow-up of corrective actions from audits, controls or claims. The corrective actions module from GMEproject management is then particularly indicated because it allows accurate monitoring of planned actions and thus provides managers with a comprehensive or detailed vision following the questions.
The communication of action plans or minutes of meeting makes by simple clicks, in direct connection with the e-mailing, so allowing sending in real time the information to all the concerned people.

The numerous filters, very easy to use, can extract the information based on many criteria, defined by the user itself, ensuring effective research. The head of corrective actions will be able to easily keep track all the people involved in this process and will therefore be able, in real time, to meet the demands of clients, auditors, or its management.

Problems solving, profitability calculation, pay-back:

If you need to manage an improvement plan, a problem-solving project, an investment project, GMEproject guide you in your progress by proposing a working method divided into four steps:

  • Step 1: search for causes of the problem or reason of investment (who, what, how, why, where, how much,...) helps to define the problem, put it well.
  • Step 2: calculation of their impact, look for main causes. What is the cost?
  • Step 3: look for the best solutions adapted to every cause and what will be the price?
  • Step 4: calculation of gain that will bring the project investment?

The amounts set out in the previous sections can be automatically integrated into a profitability calculation that determines the "pay-back" in years.

Continuous improvement:

Have an adapted software is good; to see it evolving regularly is better.
GMEproject is an alive software, in perpetual progress, through careful listening to its users!

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